Wednesday, October 19, 2011

5 Dragonfly in Graffiti Design for Inspiration Animal Lovers

Animal Dragonfly in Graffiti Design
Bored with graffiti alphabet , 3D Graffiti today i will give you some graffiti design ideas with animal object. The animal which draw in graffiti that is dragonfly. Cute dragonfly graffiti with simple design but can we enjoy when see it. Please enjoy thi animal graffiti design.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Widescreen Nature Wallpapers for Your Desktops

In my search for a nice wallpaper for my new 24-inch widescreen, which landed on a number of sites offering widescreen wallpapers high quality. In fact, there are plenty of wallpapers out there that you can use for your desktop. However, choosing and deciding what is best for you is difficult. At least for me. For people like us who spend most of our waking hours in front of our team, showing a beautiful picture of nature as our wallpaper can give some inspiration to keep us inspired by what we are doing. For me, nothing better than a beautiful image of a white sand beach, clear waters and palm trees. For others, just see a beautiful landscape of mountains and rivers is enough to relax

Colorful Fall 2011 Desktop Wallpaper Designs

Autumn wallpapers are very popular because they are very colorful and relaxing. Like most graphic designers and web developers spend more than half of their waking hours in front of your computer, you almost certainly will miss the beautiful scenery during the fall season. Why not experience the great outdoors, even if you are working in front of their computers? Since nature is like his best during the fall season, with its glorious colors and good weather, then maybe drop a wallpaper would be great to inspire us in all that you are working. To save time cleaning the net for a beautiful wallpaper of autumn, we decided to come here with a collection of designs more colorful autumn wallpaper for you to enjoy! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tropical Beach Scenes Wallpapers

Summer usually equates to a beach holiday. Most of us dream of one last summer getaway to a beach paradise, almost untouched, with green palms, blue skies, crystal blue waters, white sands, sun and your favorite cocktails. What more could you want? To get you in the mood for summer, why not start displaying wallpapers of beach scenes on your desktop computer?

Halloween Wallpaper

Halloween, celebrated on October 31st is a holiday in Western culture that are usually associated with symbols such as lanterns Jack O ', the skeleton, pumpkins and activities. The custom of trick or treating began centuries ago in Ireland where, in preparation for the eve of All gaps, poor rich people call and ask for money, gifts and food, which met after a big party and celebration . So if you want to keep the spirit of this trick "or treatin season this time, one way is to decorate our homes and work spaces with things that remind us of Halloween.

Best Tips to Spray Graffiti Can For Beginner

  1. Study the style of other graffiti artists. Graffiti is a predominantly urban art form, but can be found even in rural areas.

  2. Enter your name in block letters on a wall where no one cares. Remember that graffiti is illegal. Leave space between your letters.

  3. Select a style that you want your graffiti to emulate. There are many styles, choose one that is approaching its capacity.

  4. Dramatizing his letters - outline of the letters that you drew on the wall in the style you selected.

  5. To determine the variability of the lines - some thick and others thin. This process will help determine the areas in the shade.

  6. Control the urge to go crazy with his can of spray - most times less is more. Choose a symbol as a signature for graffiti.

Summer Wallpaper

Let me share with you some of the best songs of summer wallpaper widescreen that I found online. These funds include photos of tropical beaches, magnificent sunsets, summer camps, flowers in full bloom, splashing fruit and other things that certainly remind us of summer days. Of course, my favorites are the wallpaper of white sand beaches and blue water and sky with palm trees and everything. These wallpapers have a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, which are good enough even for widescreen monitors.

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